Bone SoupMalatang

【Bone Soup Malatang】

The longer it boils, the thicker it is

01 Bone Soup Malatang

To find the essence of a good soup, Zhangliang Malatang selected high-quality beef bones that are slow-cooked for several hours to create rich and spicy soup base.

Tomato SoupMalatang

【Tomato Soup Malatang】

Sour, sweet, and delicious

02 Tomato Soup Malatang

Nicely grown fresh tomatoes that are round and red, and sweet and sour in flavor are selected. After cooking, Zhangliang Malatang is able to serve a naturally red in color, delicious, and pure tomato soup base.

Mushroom SoupMalatang

【Mushroom Soup Malatang】

Falling in love with this freshness

04 Tomyam Soup Malatang

Good raw ingredients are very important to make a good soup. Zhangliang Malatang is constantly looking for a recipe to match different types of mushroom, only for a bowl of delicious mushroom soup with fresh taste.

Tomyam SoupMalatang

【Tomyam Soup Malatang】

Enjoy exotic taste

03 Tomyam Soup Malatang

The combination of coconut milk, citronella, and other ingredients creates the classic tomyam taste from the Southeast Asia, which is sour, spicy, and rich in flavor, giving you an exotic experience without going abroad.

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High-temperature and quick blanching to keep the nutrition
and good taste of the ingredients

Blanching in small pot,
More nutritious, healthier, and more delicious

Separated pot for each person that can keep the food nutritious, delicious, and exclusive

Natural and delicious food even though in small pot

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Seek the nature of ingredients

Select high-quality ingredients

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Ensure the safety of raw

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Strict quality control of food materials
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